Thursday, August 9, 2007

My First Post

I have been trying since June to make this first post but we have way too much going on. Travis has been busy with t-ball at the YMCA and Theresa went to a special school for the month of July. This school works on her gross motor delay and also her speech. Before she started at Assistance League she said maybe 10 words. Now you can't stop her. She is saying about 2 new words a day. Theresa and I went to Reno to visit my aunt Mary and the family in the middle of July. Theresa surprised us by saying the word "purple". How she was able to do I have no idea but it is her new favorite word and favorite color also.

I can't wait for Travis to start Kindergarten. He is getting so old now no longer my little boy. He will be 6 in December.

I am addicted to reading everyone's blog so I had to do my own. Well that looks like enough for now. Time to go home from work so Matt & I can go out to dinner for my birthday. A few hours with no kids (heaven)

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