Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have been tagged

Jobs I have held

1. pizza delivery driver(Dominos)
2. accounts payable/accounts receivable(my current job that I love)
3. student worker(county of Ventura)
4.manager for pizza restuarant(Dominos/Pizza Hut/Papa Johns)

Movies I could watch over and over

1. who has time to watch movies
2. Cars (Travis' favorite movie)

Guilty Pleasures
1.Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
2. pedicures ( a must have)
3. massage
4. Baskin Robbins (Mint Chocolate Chip)

Shows I enjoy
1.Greys Anatomy
2. Las Vegas
3.Boston Legal
4.anything reality tv ( I am a junkie)

Places I have lived
1. Santa Paula ( I love it here)
2. Ventura (how cold it is now)
3. Camarillo

What were the first things you thought when you saw your significant other?
1. He is pretty funny
2.He is very tall
3. How can I go talk to him
4. Does my hair look ok

In a jam with your spouse what tactics do you use to get out of the dog house
1. am I ever wrong
2.say sorry
3.tell him I love him
4. tell a joke

Places I have been on vacation
1.Las Vegas (honeymoon)
2. Idaho ( when I was a lot younger)
3.Vacaville (got to see the nephews)
4.Monterey in 2 weeks

Favorite Foods
1.Wood ranch tri-tip
2.chinese food
3.Savory Solutions (say thanks Thomas)
4.prime rib (Hungry Hunter)

Websites I visit daily
2.blogs (it is like an addiction)
3. bank
4.yahoo for fantasy sports so I can beat all the guys

Body parts I have injured
1.none I have never had a broken bone
2.side of my eye (climbing out of my crib)
3.tongue when it was pierced (it was cool at the time just not before a 6 hour drive home Thanks Mychele)

Awards I have won
1.bowling trophies
2.t-ball ( ok I was only 6)
3.greatest mommy (ask my kids)

Nicknames I have been called
2..Jenny ( I hate it)
3. Woman (thanks Matt)
4.babe (when Matt needs something)

Now I have to pick 4 other people to tag but I have no one that Tammy didn't already tag

who tagged me:Tammy

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