Sunday, February 15, 2009

surgery update

Matt is doing very well. He came home from the hospital on Friday night. My mom was totally awesome to keep the kids until this morning so Matt could get the  extra much needed rest. He is doing lots of walking which is super important to get all the gas out of him. He goes on Tuesday afternoon to get his drain out.

He will be able to drive after that and most of his pain should be gone. He gets to have liquid only right now and strained cream soups. Not very exciting but if it does the job how can he complain. He also has to have at least 40 gms of protein each day. He has protein shakes to drink and he is also drinking Isopure which has several flavors so he gets a variety.

He will lose most of his weight in the next 6 months. He will lose even if he doesn't try. I say definitely try and then you learn to eat the proper way and lose your weight and be healthier. I will take pictures soon and post them.


MMIT (tam) said...

my thoughts are with you guys! it's a tough couple of weeks but worth it...sooooo worth it!

The Clobes Crew said...

Any updates?