Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I know I haven't posted for a while but since it is 3:00 and I can't sleep I might as well blog. It seems I never get the time to take a couple minutes for me to catch up on what everyone is doing. I used to be able to check everyone's blog while at work on my break or lunch but all that kind of stuff has been blocked. I can't even look at Yahoo anymore. It is frustrating since I could easily check everything now I have to wait until I come home at night. After dinner, baths and bed for the kids, I am beat and forget to check.

Travis celebrated his 6th Birthday at Pump It Up in December. He invited his whole Kindegarten class and then of course family. We had a pretty good turn out and Travis got a Pirates cake. His auntie Jen has an obession with Pirates and it is starting to rub off on Travis.

The kids of course got way to much stuff for Christmas but it is so much cheaper when they are this age. I am dreading the teenage years. One gift for $200 instead of 10.

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Jennifer said...

Hey now I only suggested that the kid be a Pirate for Halloween only because he said he was going to be Spiderman, he was Spiderman the year before, you can't do the same costum 2 years in a row. I can't help it if the boy likes the same things I like. It just shows that we both have good taste. :)